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Paul Cwik

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Dr. Paul F. Cwik is a Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Mount Olive; and since 2013, he has taught the BB&T classes on Free Enterprise at North Carolina State University.

He has earned a B.A. from Hillsdale College, Michigan, an M.A. from Tulane University in Louisiana, and a Ph.D. from Auburn University in Alabama. He worked with the Civitas Institute to develop a Austrian Economics App now available through Apple's App Store and Google Play.

He lectures extensively on college campuses and has taught at several colleges and universities such as Auburn University, Campbell University and Walsh College. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and family.

Paul Cwik's Articles

The Foundational Difference Between Austrian Economics and the Mainstream

Do you know what sets Austrian economics apart from the mainstream? See what Dr. Paul Cwik has to say in this this three minute video.

- November 14, 2012

Problems and Prices

Paul Cwik, associate professor of economics at Mount Olive College, explains the fundamental economic problem that faces every society: How do we rationally allocate resources?

- November 14, 2012

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