Matt Day

Conference and Events Manager

Member of: FEE Staff

Matt Day is the Conference and Events Manager at FEE. Prior to joining FEE, Matt spent over a decade in the special events industry wearing many different hats. Most recently Matt oversaw the operation of one of Atlanta’s premier special event companies and was directly involved in the execution of over 600 social and corporate events each year. Always passionate about the ideas of Liberty, Matt jumped at the opportunity to apply his experience in putting on events to further the mission of FEE.

Matt graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Political Science. While in college, much of his time was spent in the library immersing himself in the ideas of Liberty and challenging his teachers and classmates on their often contradictory political views. Matt is a lifelong resident of Atlanta and loves to explore the city’s tremendous culture. When he’s not reading some obscure political writing, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and their two adorable children - Ellis and Flora... oh yeah... and their three cats.