Marsha Familaro Enright

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Marsha Familaro Enright, B.A. Biology, Northwestern University,
M.A. Psychology, New School University

Marsha is an educational entrepreneur, writer, and speaker; her accomplishments include:

• Founder and president of The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute (RIFI), sponsoring
• The Great Connections seminars, 2009 - present, with one-week and weekend versions of the RIFI college curriculum, currently held in Chicago and Buenos Aires,
• Founded Council Oak Montessori School, named a top private elementary school by Chicago Magazine,
• Founded and leads The New Intellectual Forum philosophy discussion club, Chicago, 1988 – present
• Author of “Liberating Education,” the last chapter in Common Ground on Common Core, from Resounding Books.
• Editor of Ayn Rand Explained: From Tyranny to Tea Party
• Writer of numerous articles…

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