Leo Jean-Louis

Founder - Freedom Is A Choice Movement

Leo Jean Louis is a first generation Haitian American. At a very young age, he learned the value of being content with what you have and being resourceful. In middle school, he purchased fun-sized candy bars and resold them to his peers for $0.25 each. He was able to save enough to buy himself his own full-sized basketball hoop! Over the years, Leo has spent a bulk of his time reading and learning about everything finance. After his post of paying off debt went viral on social media, he and his wife founded Freedom Is A Choice Movement, a business created to teach millennials how to become debt free. In just 9 months, he has created a debt
payoff plan for individuals and families totaling over $4.45 million! His money tips and personal finance journey have been featured on Yahoo Finance, the Steve Harvey TV Show, the His & Her Money Show, MagnifyMoney, and Northwestern Mutual, just to name a few. Leo lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his beautiful wife, Faith, and their two children.