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Joseph S. Diedrich

Joseph S. Diedrich is a Young Voices Advocate and a law student at the University of Wisconsin.

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“Buy Local” Would Even Spoil Farmers Markets

Like the county line, the national boundary is completely arbitrary from an economic perspective. National protectionism is simply “buy local” on a larger scale.

- July 20, 2016

Does the Government Have a Right to Know What You Support?

The First Amendment contains no "trust us" exception for state officials wishing to pry into Americans' choices.

The Spy in Your Pocket

Will the market fill the demand for privacy, and will the government let it do so?

Effecting Change Outside the Law

The written law barely matters. Human action dwarfs inanimate words.

- March 16, 2015

Will a Degree Help You Do Your Job?

The ne’er-do-well lead on TV’s Community exemplifies the distinction between instruction and education.

- February 11, 2015

I, Thanksgiving Dinner

No single individual could ever articulate all the know-how required to produce a Thanksgiving dinner.

- November 27, 2014

Voting Does Not Advance Liberty

The very act of voting suggests that you’re happy with choosing between two mediocre alternatives, so long as you have a choice.

- November 03, 2014

My Tiny Cosmopolitan Apartment

My apartment has only one window, but I feel like I can see the whole world. Every treasure I own is a window to a place I’ve never been and to people I’ve never met.

- October 22, 2014

Everything I Know About Economics I Learned from Tinder

A new dating app shows how economic concepts pervade our lives.

- May 28, 2014

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