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Gary McGath

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Gary McGath's pro-liberty writing began at Ergo, a libertarian student newspaper at MIT, and since then he has written for many publications, including The Freeman, Aristos, Byte, Sync, Analog, Liberty, and Code4Lib Journal.

He is the author of Compute!’s Guide to Adventure Games, Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Everygeek, and Tomorrow’s Songs Today: The History of Filk Music.

From 1991 to 1993 he published a book review newsletter, Thomas Paine Review. Currently he maintains a general blog, Building My World, and a tech blog, Mad File Format Science.

As an amateur songwriter, he has published The Mad Scientist's Songbook and recorded an album, Shrink Wrap Blues, both including songs with pro-freedom themes. He has edited numerous other songbooks and chaired three music conventions.

Professionally, he is a software engineer with an interest in digital preservation and file formats.…

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