Dominique Richardson

Dominique Richardson is a Gifts Officer with a dynamic background in political engagement and community development. Before taking on her current role, Dominique served as a Regional Engagement Coordinator at the Republican National Committee (RNC) and as a Regional Field Director with the Georgia GOP. Dominique is currently pursuing a degree in political science at Georgia Military College, balancing educational pursuits with a fervent passion for economic mobility, particularly within her community.

In recognition of her dedication and leadership, Dominique was honored to be selected as a member of the 2023 RNC Rising Star Class, a testament to her commitment to excellence and her potential for making a significant impact on the political landscape.
Before her time at the RNC and Georgia GOP, Dominique served as an executive assistant to small business owners in Atlanta. In this role, she played an instrumental part in developing systems, fostering strategic partnerships, and creating compelling content to help businesses thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Dominique is deeply committed to improving economic status, especially in the context of her community. She believes that by combining her political background with a passion for community development, she can work toward creating positive, sustainable change in the lives of the people she serves.