Abigail Hall Blanco

Abby Hall is an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida and a Research Fellow with the Independent Institute, a non-partisan research and educational think tank based out of Oakland, California. She earned her PhD in Economics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia in 2015.  

Her broader research interests include Austrian Economics, Political Economy and Public Choice, Defense and Peace Economics, and Institutions and Economic Development. Her co-authored book, Tyranny Comes Home: The Domestic Fate of U.S. Militarism, explores how foreign intervention impacts domestic institutions and civil liberties. 

Her work includes topics surrounding the U.S. military and national defense, including, domestic police militarization, arm sales, weapons as foreign aid, the cost of military mobilization, and the political economy of military technology. She is currently researching the economics of propaganda and it’s post 9/11 applications. She is a member of the FEE Faculty Network.