Fresh Start States:

Mapping Your New Frontier

According to data from the United States Postal Service, nearly 16 million people filed change of address requests during the pandemic. While some of those moves are temporary, many of the numbers represent individuals and families who are permanently relocating—often seeking a more vibrant economy, lower costs of living, and lower tax burdens. 

The pandemic accelerated what was already a growing trend in the country: migration from states like California, New York, and Illinois to southern states like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia. Notably, these latter states offer all of the amenities of large cities, services, entertainment, and growing job markets, but at a lower cost of living than the major cities in the aforementioned places.

While recipient states are thrilled for the economic growth in-state migration brings, many have begun to worry about the political changes such mass movement could bring about—changes that threaten to undo the very economic prosperity these new residents are seeking.

At FEE, we know the principles and their resulting policies that create prosperity for all. But we also know not everyone has had the opportunity to gain an education in these elements. With the Fresh Start States Project, we plan to provide that information to new residents in key areas through educational mailings, an interactive website, and world-class seminars. But we need your help to make this vision a reality.

Your donation will help us get this project off the ground by funding pilot projects in two cities, Nashville and Atlanta. In the first phase, we will work to gather data on new residents and contact them with materials introducing them to FEE. These materials will cover basic "how-to's" for keeping the cost of living, housing, and taxes low in their new home states, as well as information on factors that impact education and crime. From there, we will develop these materials into an online portal and social media content so that this project can be rolled out in cities across the US.



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