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Young Americans for Liberty Atlanta Spring Summit

Saturday, April 22, 2017 9:00 AM
The Loudermilk Center

Larry Reed is speaking at this event. Sponsored by YAL.

Bringing hundreds of youth liberty activists from all over the southeast region for a day filled with top-notch training, high-profile liberty speakers, and exclusive networking.


04:30 PM - 05:15 PM

"American Presidents: the Best and the Worst"

Lawrence W. Reed

The 44 men who have served as President of the United States are a diverse lot in terms of their backgrounds, philosophies and decisions. Which ones were liberty’s best friends and which one were its enemies? In this lecture Dr. Reed will discuss the leading examples on both sides of the question. This will be an exciting romp through 230 years of American history.

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Saturday 22

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Atlanta, Georgia

The Loudermilk Center
40 Courtland St NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

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