The FEE Writing Lab — a monthly webinar with Dan Sanchez

Public Event
Friday, October 25, 2019 12:00 PM
Virtual Meeting will take place via Zoom Call - All times listed in Eastern Time

Markets have been the greatest force for good in all human history. This truth is so clear to freedom advocates that we often have trouble understanding why our arguments aren’t winning everybody over.

We may have the truth on our side, but unless we can present that truth with emotional intelligence and in compelling stories, we won’t actually be changing anyone’s mind.

But the news is good! Persuasive writing is a skill that can be mastered like any other, especially with practice and guidance. Join Dan Sanchez, Director of Content for FEE and writing coach for Praxis, for an ongoing writing lab. Each month, we’ll discuss what works and what doesn’t when trying to effectively communicate about free markets and free people. And we’ll get into the nuts and bolts by analyzing actual articles. Would you like detailed feedback on an article of your own? Submit any time before the day of the session to have it workshopped. Email it in Google Docs or Word format to [email protected] including “Writing Lab” in the subject line.