Lawrence Reed to speak at the Liberty Seminar in Slovenia

Friday, August 31, 2012 4:00 PM

Hotel Kompas
Cankarjeva cesta 2
2012-08-31 17:30:00 SI-4260
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On August 31, Friday, FEE President Lawrence W. Reed will give the Great Myths of the Great Depression lecture at the Liberty Seminar in Bled, Slovenia.

The Liberty Seminar is organized by the Slovenian think tank Društvo Svetilnik (Lighthouse Association) and is one of the premier educational seminars on free markets and free society in Europe. Faculty list of the 2012 seminar includes: Tom Palmer, Dan Mitchell, Adam Martin, Katarina Zajc, Tanja Stumberger and Doug Bandow.

For more information on the Liberty Seminar visit the website: