Take Ownership of Your Own Life (with Georgia State University)

Are you a student at Georgia State University (Perimeter Colleges included) who's interested in economics, personal finance, or practical self-improvement?

If so, you won't want to miss these upcoming webinars!

On October 28, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is offering 3 back-to-back programs (with a break for lunch) on the topics that matter to you!


  • 10 AM | Dr. Antonio Saravia | "Finances, Loans, & Inflation, oh my!"
    • This workshop addresses all things personal finance, student loans, and inflation. The ideas presented here are practical and relevant for all students (not just the finance majors!)
  • 11 AM | Christian Watson | "How to Transform Adversity into Abundance"
    • This workshop provides key insights from entrepreneurs on how to create opportunities out of obstacles.
  • 1 PM | Christian Watson | "Networking Reimagined"
    • Every problem is a people problem. Every goal is a relationship goal. This workshop will move you past conventional clich├ęs about networking and will show you how to build meaningful relationships that are a win-win for all involved. Plus, learn best practices for resolving common challenges and conflicts, even those that stem from our differences.

All webinars are at NO COST to you, although registration is required. Want to sign up? Fill out the form below to receive your zoom link(s)!

Take Ownership of Your Own Life (with Georgia State University) Registration

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