Colorado Christian University 2022 Symposium

Join FEE's President Emeritus, Lawrence W. Reed, and others at Colorado Christian University's 2022 Symposium!

Was Jesus a socialist? Is Capitalism oppressive? Does Socialism lead to poverty and corruption?

Among the cultural divides widening in America, the dispute over Socialism and Capitalism is one that affects the pocketbook of everyone. Many are confused about what policies and economic systems will raise people from poverty and actually lead to human flourishing around the world.

Colorado Christian University is committed to seeking truth and will devote this year’s Symposium on September 26-27, 2022, to the topic “Socialism and Capitalism: A Closer Look.”

Dr. Reed will be speaking on both days. Register TODAY for this conference at NO COST to you!

To access symposium details and the registration link, please click here.