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Blockchain and Liberty: The Economic Implications of a Technological Revolution

Public Event
Thursday, January 25, 2018 5:00 PM
Capital Factory | Austin, TX

New technologies in human history have caused epic shifts in how we live and relate to each other. Think of the telegraph, steam power, railroads, electricity, and flight.

The blockchain may prove to qualify as exactly that. Money is only one application but it is the most conspicuous. Bitcoin has rocked the financial world with its upward trajectory. It’s an awesome illustration of how the freedom to innovate works in practice.

What’s missing in the midst of these times is true theoretical understanding. What is blockchain and what human problem does it solve? What are its deeper origins? What are the applications of this technology that are in our future?

FEE brings together some of the best minds and biggest industrial players in this sector for an important discussion of blockchain technology. There will be panels, speeches, questions and answers, and plenty of time for meeting and greeting. The emphasis this evening will be less on industry than on ideas.

There is no charge for the event but there is a suggested donation of $10 at the door. Pizza, wine, and beer are served.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this event.



05:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Reception and Registration

05:30 PM - 06:10 PM

Welcome, Remarks, and Conversation

Gabe Sukenik and Jeffrey Tucker

06:10 PM - 06:50 PM


Caitlin Long and Abhi Dobhal

06:50 PM - 07:00 PM


07:00 PM - 07:15 PM

Purpose Before Profit

Max Borders

07:15 PM - 08:00 PM

The Future of Bitcoin

Trace Mayer and Jeffrey Tucker

08:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Bitcoin and the Future

Tuur Demeester

08:30 PM - 09:00 PM

Final Reception

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Thursday 25

Travel Information

Austin, Texas

Capital Factory
701 Brazos St
Austin, TX 78701