Are We Good Enough For Leadership?

This three-part workshop will combine entrepreneurial storytelling, economic principles, motivational videos, and interactive exercises. By the end, you will leave with practical tools and techniques that will help you become the predominant creative force in your own life.

  • May 10th 1:00 pm PST: Seek Responsibilities, Not Titles
  • May 14th 1:00 pm PST: Why Integrity is the Foundation for Sustainable Success
  • May 17th 1:00pm PST: Knowing the Difference Between Your Passion and Your Mission

T.K. Coleman is the Director of Entrepreneurial Education at FEE and is best described as a passionate voice for possibility. As a firm believer in the idea that freedom begins from within, his life mission is to help people reclaim a sense of personal power in their everyday lives. 

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