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Adam Smith Forum 2018

Sunday, November 4, 2018 12:00 PM
N. Krasnoselskaya street


The Adam Smith Forum is the annual scientific and educational conference that unites supporters of personal, economic, and political freedom. It gives Russian citizens a unique opportunity to listen to and to learn from noted social and economic sciences, publicists and freedom advocates from Russia and abroad.

At the Forum speakers raise urgent social and economic issues and offer an interesting perspective on contemporary and historical processes. The Adam Smith Forum aims to promote the ideas of liberty, private property, and free enterprise and explain the importance of these values for economic development and the foundation of civil society.

Lawrence Reed will be speaking about the relations between character, heroism, and liberty with his talk: Freeing the World, One Hero at a Time.


This event is sponsored by the Adam Smith Center for Market Economy.


06:55 PM - 07:40 PM

Freeing the World, One Hero at a Time (Lawrence Reed)

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Sunday 4

Travel Information

Moscow, Russia


Baumanskaya metro station
N. Krasnoselskaya street
35 building K

The Loft is 5 minutes away from Baumanskaya and Krasnoselskaya metro stations. You can get inside the building from Baumanskaya street. Arrival by car is from Olkhovskaya Street, 22.

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