Think Like an Entrepreneur

Get an exciting glimpse of academic and on-campus college life while also learning about entrepreneurship!

This seminar will not only make the principles of entrepreneurship tangible and actionable, but students will also get an opportunity to put principles into practice during the Entrepreneur’s Challenge. Not only will students will gain an understanding of how decisions get made in the marketplace, they will also learn concepts like ethical entrepreneurship and incentives. Think Like an Entrepreneur programing also includes interactive discussions, films, games, and presentations from top professors who offer advice and mentorship to young tycoons.

Lindenwood University

St. Louis, Missouri

July 16 – July 19, 2019


Our affordable pricing is thanks to our very generous donors!


Scholarships available. See FAQ for details.

Get a feel for the college experience.

Students will spend the night in dorms, dine cafeteria-style at the dining hall, and learn in the same lecture halls as college students, for 3 days and nights.

Make new friends and have fun.

We bring in the most engaging professors and business leaders from across the country, and host team-based challenges, socials, and games to make the experience fun!

Gain intellectual tools for success.

Students develop the intellectual tools they need to create value for their community and accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Learning Objectives

We’re committed to excellence. This is what students will master after spending 3 days with our world-class team.

The Economic Mindset

Master a new perspective of interpreting the world.

Learn what it means to see the world from an economic perspective, and come away with a mastery of concepts including scarcity, individual choice, opportunity cost, and incentives.

How and Why Markets Work

Get an in-depth understanding of how markets impact the world we live in.

Learn about how wealth is created, and how emergent order, trade, and competition create prosperity in society—and pull people out of poverty.

Rules and Institutions

Discover which rules and institutions work, and why.

Learn why property rights and rule of law are necessary to human flourishing, and why top-down, centralized social engineering leads to cronyism and corruption.


T. K. Coleman

Director of Entrepreneurial Education at FEE

T.K. Coleman is the Education Director at FEE. In addition to delivering compelling workshops on entrepreneurship, creativity, and economic thinking to HS and College students around the country, T.K. is also a co-host for The Minimalists Podcast.

Brian Brenberg

Brian Brenberg serves as Chair of the Program in Business and Finance at The King’s College. His speeches have been covered by Time and The Washington Post.

Signè Thomas

K. W. Davis Visiting Lecturer at Trinity College

Signè Thomas is the K. W. Davis Visiting Lecturer at Trinity College, where she teaches courses within the Formal Organizations minor. Prior to joining Trinity, she was the Project Director for the Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education at Florida State University (FSU). Her role included advancing economic literacy through teaching, textbook and curriculum development, and programs. While at FSU she also served as Research Associate for the DeVoe Moore Center and taught courses for the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship.

Travel Information

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Lindenwood University

St. Louis, Missouri

July 16 – July 19, 2019


If arriving by air, plan to fly into Lambert-St. Louis International Airport between 12-2 PM on July 16th and depart after 9 AM on July 19th.

FEE will provide free, chaperoned shuttles to and from the airport on the days of check in and check out. 

For students driving, we will provide parking permits and keep students' keys for the duration of the seminar (except for emergencies).


Students will be staying in traditional dorm rooms with a roommate of their same gender and will share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom in between two rooms.

Linens are NOT provided, so students will need to bring bedding (sheets sized Twin XL or a sleeping bag), a pillow, a towel, and any toiletries they might need.

Download the Schedule

We will also email you more information about the seminar experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should register for high school seminars?

FEE's high school seminars are open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 who is interested in exploring the economic way of thinking. All we ask is that you are respectful, intellectually curious, and willing to engage in the presentations and discussions.

I'm 13 or 18 years old, can I attend?

Unfortunately, our 3-day high school seminars are only available to students age 14 to 17. This means that if a student will be 13 or 18 years of age at the time of the seminar, then they are not eligible to attend our high school seminars.

How advanced are these seminars?

The programs are designed to focus on fundamentals. We will talk about big ideas, and our goal is for you to leave with more confidence, prepared to take on the world. These programs should be a starting place on your journey to better understand the world and to change it for the better.

How much do seminars cost?

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, seminar tuition is $79. The cost is all inclusive and covers materials, lodging, and meals for the entirety of the student’s stay on campus.

Shuttles are provided to and from the closest airport for students traveling by air. These shuttles are cost-free for students. Other than the shuttles provided to and from the airport, students are responsible for travel to and from the seminar.

What financial assistance is available?


Students may apply for a tuition reimbursement scholarship when they apply for a seminar.

After you submit an application, we will review your application and decide whether to award you a scholarship. If you are selected for a scholarship, you will receive an email notifying you that contains a registration form. Qualifying applicants will receive reimbursement for the full tuition fee AFTER attending the seminar. 

Please note: Receiving the reimbursement is contingent on completion of the seminar. We expect recipients of this award to be model attendees throughout the seminar. Students that are awarded tuition reimbursements are required to complete their online, pre-seminar course before the seminar. 


Through a partnership with the Richard Seth Staley Educational Foundation, we are also able to offer a limited number of travel reimbursement scholarships!

Just like tuition scholarships, travel reimbursements are awarded on a rolling basis and may be applied for when applying for a seminar. Qualifying applicants will be reimbursed up to $500 in travel expenses after attending the seminar and submitting valid receipts.

What are qualified travel expenses?

Qualifying expenses include airline tickets or mileage reimbursements of 58 cents per mile if driving a personal vehicle (this is based on the IRS mileage reimbursement standard). These reimbursements are also paid AFTER the conclusion of the seminar. 

Please note: Rental cars, gas purchases, checked bags (air travel), bus and train tickets are not applicable travel costs.

How will I get reimbursed?

Tuition reimbursements will be refunded 5-10 business days after the conclusion of the seminar to the credit card used to pay during registration.

Travel reimbursements may be distributed in two ways following the seminar, and the reimbursement method is selected when applying for the reimbursement scholarship:

  1. Students may be provided reimbursement through Paypal. These reimbursements will be processed within 5-10 business days following the conclusion of the seminar. Students who request this method of reimbursement must have a valid Paypal account.
  2. Students may request to have their reimbursements distributed as a personally-addressed check, mailed via USPS. These reimbursements will be processed within 10-20 business days following the conclusion of the seminar. 

What does it mean to be on the waitlist?

Due to facility constraints, we are only able to offer a certain number of spots at each of our seminars. However, the reality is some people who register, often through no fault of their own, are unable to attend and have to cancel their plans.

As spaces become available, we will go through our waitlist, on a first-come first-served basis, and notify waitlisted applicants to confirm their spots. Notified applicants will have 48 hours to confirm or risk being dropped to the bottom of the waitlist. You will be notified at least 8 weeks in advance whether or not a space has opened up for you.

If you are waitlisted and you would like to move your application to another seminar with open registration, email [email protected], and we will gladly move your application to a new location up until eight weeks before the start date of our other seminars. 

When does registration close for seminars?

Registration closes April 15, 2020, 11:59 PM EST.

Is there a Code of Conduct for students?

All FEE seminar attendees are expected to conduct themselves as mature and responsible students. During the registration process we ask that all students sign the Student Code of Conduct which includes details about remaining on campus, staying on your designated hall, bed checks, and upholding FEE's core values (integrity, excellence, respect, accountability, creativity, and courage). Parents will be contacted and students will be asked to leave campus at their own expense if these rules are broken.

What steps does FEE take to promote safety at seminars?

For more than 60 years, we've made the safety and well-being of our students our highest priority. All FEE seminar staff undergo background checks and the student to staff ratio is approximately 10 to 1. FEE staff and chaperones stay on campus with students. We greet our students at designated airport locations and offer shuttle buses to and from the seminar site with a FEE staff member or chaperone on board.

Students are supervised by our staff during the day and in the evenings they have mandatory floor checks by their assigned staff member of the same gender who sleeps on the same floor. Male and female students are housed in separate housing facilities and/or floors.

Per the Student Code of Conduct signed by all students during registration, students are required to stay in their rooms after bed checks (10:15 PM) until 7 AM, unless their dorm provides hall-style bathrooms.

Emergency communication plans are also in place, allowing us to communicate directly with students, parents, and emergency contacts in the event of an emergency. All attendees should bring a mobile device in case they need to be contacted.

How do students get to the seminar?

Instructions will be emailed on when and how to arrive on campus.

What should I pack?

The dress code for seminars is casual and appropriate. Please be aware that we will be taking photos during the seminar that may be used for marketing purposes. Students should wear attire that they would feel comfortable being photographed in.

Also, students should bring all toiletries and personal items they would need for any overnight trip. Check your email for specific instructions on linens, since requirements vary per seminar. We also recommend that you bring a notebook and pen to take notes during the talks and a water bottle to stay hydrated during your trip.

What dining options are there for students?

Students will be dining on campus for all meals. On-campus dining will be “cafeteria style,” common to college campuses, with a buffet of options that meet the requirements of most diets. If you or your child has complex dietary needs, please email [email protected] at least two weeks before the start of the seminar so we can ensure they are met.

Can students request a roommate?

Yes. There is a space for you to request a roommate during registration. 

Requests must be mutual to be met, and if requests are being made after registrations are submitted, BOTH parents must email [email protected] with their request.

Are students required to attend all talks and discussion groups?

Yes. In order for students to receive the full seminar experience we ask that they participate in all talks and activities.

Will there be any pre-seminar reading assignments?

Yes, students will receive reading materials and an online, pre-seminar course via email to prepare for the reading discussion groups. Please note that students awarded tuition reimbursement scholarships are required to complete their online, pre-seminar course before the program in order to receive reimbursement.

Are parents allowed to observe the seminar that their child attends?

As long as observers do not distract the attendees, we are more than happy to have you sit in for a lecture or two! 

We highly encourage students to immerse themselves in the seminar and have a true college-like experience, so we appreciate if you limit your observations to a few hours. 

If you plan on observing, please email [email protected] at least a week before the seminar so we can ensure there is sufficient room in the auditorium for you.

How can students cancel registration?

Please fill out our cancellation form. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy below to see if your cancellation will result in a fee.

We understand that plans change last minute, but please notify the staff if your child is unable to attend the seminar. Considering there are often students on the waitlist, notifying us as soon as possible would allow another student to attend the program. 

What is your cancellation policy?


For the Foundation for Economic Education (“FEE”) to continue to provide the best possible seminars and events at a low cost to its participants and to respect our generous donors who fund these programs, it is imperative that we have an accurate attendance count for the 2020 FEE seminar (the “Seminar”). FEE understands that your plans may change. It is important for you to inform us in a timely manner if your student is not able to attend the seminar, so that FEE can minimize any additional expenses that FEE may incur.

By submitting your 2020 seminar registration, you acknowledge and agree that you accept this Cancellation Policy and the terms and conditions hereunder and will comply with the deadlines set forth in the Cancellation Fee Schedule set forth below.


Notice of Cancellation Amount Refunded
30+ days prior to the first day of the seminar $75
30 days - 7 days prior to the first day of the seminar $35
7 days or less prior of the first day of the seminar $0

Notice of participant’s cancellation provided to FEE hereunder (the “Notice”) shall be by filling out FEE’s web-based Cancellation Form. The Notice is effective only (a) upon receipt by FEE, and (b) if the participant giving the Notice has complied with the requirements of this paragraph.

If you fail to provide FEE with the Notice in accordance with the terms and conditions herein, FEE shall retain the entirety of the entire tuition charge.