Teacher Training in Economics & Social Science

Are you a high school teacher seeking professional development opportunities or continuing education from experts in the field? We’re offering group workshops in Economics, Leadership, Political Science, History, and similar fields. Customize your own workshop today!

In-Person & Online

1+ Hours

Get Certified, Educated, and Uplifted

Our professional development workshops are designed with state accreditation in mind. Depending on your state’s discretion, we’ll provide you with all the tools and certification you need to qualify.

How to Inspire and Motivate Your Students

Amplify leadership skills

Learn how to have hard conversations

Inspire yourself and your students

Recognize the importance of good institutions

Understand how economic freedom fosters social harmony

Learn to utilize online resources and research methods

Freedom & Empowerment with Signé Thomas

Words and Numbers Classroom

Use the Socratic method to answer your individual questions

Broaden your mastery of history, economics, and other social studies

Fill in the knowledge gaps of your state’s curriculum

100% Free!

The Foundation for Economic Education is a 501c3 nonprofit making quality education available to as many people as possible. That’s why all our programs are available for free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are these programs for?

Groups of high school teachers (15+ for virtual, 25+ for in person) in the U.S. who teach social studies.

Does this count as a Continuing Teaching Education (CTE) in my state?

All of FEE’s professional development webinars are delivered by experts, PhD professors, and entrepreneurs. Each program is at least 1 hour as required by various state councils, and we will provide a detailed certificate of completion for each teacher who attends the program in its entirety. Ultimately each council will have the last say in terms of whether or not any given opportunity ‘counts’, but FEE will provide teacher attendees with anything they need to get the program approved.

I am interested in professional development workshops in Spanish.

Great! Email [email protected] with the subject line “taller para maestros” and share more information on the topic and date you are interested in. 

How long is each program?

Webinars range from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, in person programs can be as long as 8 hours, no shorter than 1.

I like the FEE Faculty members, but I want a different topic.

Not a problem! Fill out the short form below and when we reach out to coordinate details, let us know you’d prefer a custom topic.

I have a different question. Help!

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Teacher Workshops” with your questions!

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