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Friday, July 13, 2012

“Piracy” Student Loses US Extradition Battle Over Copyright Infringement

“Richard O’Dwyer, a computing student at Sheffield Hallam University, faces a potential 10-year term in a US jail despite never having been to America or using web servers based in the country. When still a teenager O’Dwyer set up a website, TVShack, which posted links to pirated material. It did not directly host any files. . . .

In July [Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)] assistant deputy director told the Guardian that ICE would now actively pursue websites similar to TVShack even if their only connection to the US was a website address ending in .com or .net.

Such suffixes are routed through Verisign, an internet infrastructure company based in Virginia, which the agency believes is sufficient to seek a US prosecution.” (The Guardian)

Be careful where you click; the State abhors any freedom from its jurisdiction.

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