Margaret Thatcher, RIP (1925–2013)

Margaret Thatcher, Britain's "Iron Lady," passed today at the age of 87

Lady Thatcher restored market entrepreneurship and promoted personal responsibility in a country that was beleaguered by inflation, nationalization, unions, and a bloated welfare state.

In The Thatcher Revolution, John T. Murray wrote, "Mrs. Thatcher ushered in a real revolution by challenging the two sacred cows of contemporary economic thought, the Keynesian notion that endless prosperity could be assured by giving state handouts to those who were out of work, and the Marxist view that this Utopia should be financed by expropriating the earnings and savings of those in work."

Here is John Blundell, author of "A Portrait of the Iron Lady," discussing strategic lessons from Lady Thatcher for today:

There are very few politicians in the world lovers of liberty can admire. Today there is one fewer. And she was a great one.

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