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Hypocritical Partisans Pass Political Power

Power shifts from the left to the right and vice versa, but ideas do as well. Today we hear angry complaints from Trump's enemies that he is overstepping his authority, and they are right to say so. The problem is in their lack of consistency: they weren't saying these things when Obama was President, even though he behaved in many of the same ways. Yet in the eight years prior to him, of course, they had the same problem they do now. And the same was true of Trump supporters who were outraged at Obama, happy with Bush, angry with Clinton, etc.

James Madison said that government is the greatest reflection of human nature. Perhaps that's what we're seeing today.It's almost as if both parties truly think that the other can never have a good idea, and that the people from their own party can do no wrong. Unfortunately, of course, members and candidates of both parties are merely human beings, and all human beings are frequently wrong about things.

By now, the problem with this inconsistent support and denial of presidents should be apparent, if not obvious. The problem is not the party, but the members.

But when we've gotten to the point where the American Left is digging in its heels and speaking out in loving support of federalism and state's rights, you have to wonder, "How did we get here?" That is not how that party was founded, nor has it ever been part of their platform.

If approximately half of the people in American politics believe the Federal government has gone too far and is continuing to do so, maybe the problem isn't the parties or the members. Maybe the problem is how much authority we've ceded to the government.

James Madison said that government is the greatest reflection of human nature. Perhaps that's what we're seeing today.

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