Arena K.O.

The Arena K.O. is FEE’s series of live online debates available for viewing anywhere in the world. These one-hour debates feature experts on a variety of topics–from immigration to drug policy to the role of government in the arts–and will be staged before a live student audience at each of FEE’s 10 Summer Seminars. These debates are being supported by the generosity of the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation.

Saturday, June 7 at 12:45pm ET

Is the War on Poverty a Failure?

Resolved: “A free market is the most effective poverty-fighting program.”
Paul Cwik - Professor of Economics at Mount Olive College
Snehal Shingavi - Assistant English Professor in the Department of English at the University of Texas/Austin

Wednesday, June 11 at 11:45am ET

Is Inequality a Problem that Needs Fixing?

Resolved: “Income inequality in a free market is natural and productive.”
Max Borders - Author of Superwealth and director of content at FEE
Snehal Shingavi - Assistant English Professor in the Department of English at the University of Texas/Austin. 

Thursday, June 19 at 6:45pm ET

Government: What is it Good For?

Resolved: “Government is necessary for the protection of property rights and provision of some public goods."
Antony Davies - Associate professor of economics at Duquesne University and Mercatus Affiliated Senior Scholar at George Mason University.
Patrick A. McLaughlin - Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, where he co-founded RegData.

Wednesday, June 25 at 1:45pm ET

Does Technology Make Us More Free or Less Free?

Resolved: “Technology makes us freer.”
Jeffrey Tucker - Founder of
Albert Lu - WB Wealth Management.
Resolved: “Legalizing marijuana saves money and lives.”
Kevin Sabet - Director of the Drug Policy Institute and author of Reefer Sanity
Judge James P. Gray - Representative from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and the author of the book Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed And What We Can Do

Sunday, July 20 at 12:45pm ET

Should We Welcome Open Borders?

Resolved: “Territorial borders should open and unrestricted allowing for the free movement of people.”


Jason Brennan - Assistant Professor of Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy at Georgetown University
David Inserra - Research Associate, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity

Wednesday, July 23 at 3:35pm ET

Would Market Regulation be the Best for Society?

Resolved: “Regulated markets are necessary and beneficial to a healthy society.”
Dr. Peter Lindsay - Associate Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Georgia State University
Dr. Paul Cwik - Professor of Economics at Mount Olive College


Friday, July 25 at 10:45 am ET

Who Should Pay For the Arts?

Resolved: “The best way to spark artistic innovation and make art accessible is to let people choose to pay for it."
Daniel D'Amico - Assistant Professor of Economics, Loyola University
Rachel Ciprotti - Board of Directors for the Georgia Arts Network

Tuesday, July 29 at 3:35pm ET

Should We End the Fed?

Resolved: “It would be beneficial for the United States to end the Federal Reserve.”
Bruce Rottman - Economics, History, and American Government teacher
Sean Mulholland - Associate Professor of Economics at Stonehill College in Easton, MA
Resolved: "A free market in labor makes both the native population richer and reduces poverty worldwide.”
Benjamin Powell - Director of the Free Market Institute, Texas Tech University
Jim Carafano - VP of Foreign and Defense Policy studies, Heritage Foundation


Participant Testimonials

"At FEE, I was first exposed to ideas that would inspire the rest of my time in university, and eventually my career." - Zachary Caceres

"[I really enjoyed this] opportunity to learn about not only what is happening in America, but throughout the world. FEE's goal is to 'inspire, educate, and connect' and I'm proud to say it has achieved all that and more with me." - Jeanette H.

"This seminar has provided me with the knowledge necessary to educate my peers and support an educated, non-biased argument for free market economics." - Santana W.

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