High School Seminars

FEE's high school seminars are for rising 9th grade students to graduating high school seniors who are new to FEE seminars and are interested in learning more about the world around them.


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Free the World
June 17-20 | Chapman University | Orange, CA

Do you wonder if America really is the land of the free? Are you concerned about how freedom impacts your everyday life? Have you never been to a FEE seminar before?

Explore these topics at "Free the World," where you’ll see the connection between economic freedom and prosperity. You will learn about the many components that determine how free a country is as well as how the score of each component affects the lives of the people living there. With real world examples, you’ll see just what makes some countries freer than others.

Econ in Unexpected Places
July 21-24 | Berry College | Rome, GA

Are you not looking forward to your economics class? Do you picture Ferris Bueller’s teacher whenever someone mentions economics? Do you think that economics only exists in a textbook and not in the real world? Have you never been to a FEE seminar before?

Come to FEE’s “Econ in Unexpected Places” and learn how economics exists in a variety of places such as sports, movies, history, pop culture, and more! Economics is more than just graphs in a textbook or formulas on a computer; it’s a way of seeing the world differently than the average person. The way an average person looks at the world is like watching a 3D movie without the glasses. After a FEE seminar, you’ll have your glasses.

Intro to the Real World
July 27-30 | Calvin College | Grand Rapids, MI

Are you a high school student who is unsure about the life changes that happen after high school? Do you want to learn about paychecks, taxes, voting, and money? Have you never been to a FEE seminar before?

Join us for "Intro to the Real World” and prepare yourself for whatever comes your way after high school. At the seminar, you’ll not only gain practical advice but also learn the motivation behind political actions. You will leave the seminar feeling informed to make the important decisions headed your way in the future.



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