College Seminars

FEE's college seminars are for students age 18-24 who are new to economics and the freedom philosophy and are interested in learning more about the world around them.
People Aren’t Pawns: Understanding the Economics of Human Behavior
St. Edward’s University | Austin, TX | June 4 – 7

The Austrian School of Economics offers a unique analytical framework by focusing on the actions and choices of individual actors. Understanding this framework will help you better understand major events like the 2008 Housing Crisis, the Great Depression, and the fall of the Soviet Union. It will also help you analyse your own choices and help you make better decisions. Most importantly, it demonstrates the limits of our abilities to control other people’s actions and allows us to find solutions to complex problems without using other as pawns in our schemes.

Are Markets Just? Exploring the Social Significance of a Free Economy
St. Edward’s University | Austin, TX | June 8 - 11

Free markets are often portrayed as cold-hearted systems that exploit the masses for the greedy gain of a few. But what if this portrayal is wrong? What if markets create the necessary framework for community, diversity, and creativity that is necessary to find solutions to society's problems?
If you are concerned about the suffering of the poor. If you are concerned about the treatment of women, minorities, and other disenfranchised groups. If you are frustrated with the lack of solutions and progress in the political process. Then maybe it is time to look at the problems in a new way. This seminar will enable you to develop tools to help you tackle the problems you are passionate about solving.

Making Innovation Possible: The Role of Economics in Scientific Progress
Chapman University | Orange, CA | June 22-25

Why should scientists care about economics? Economics is about much more than just efficiently making and selling products. Economic thinking is, like the scientific method, a powerful tool for understanding the world around us. Beyond that, the market is a tool that creates and communicates vast amounts of knowledge throughout the world. Understanding these market processes not only allow us to expand our knowledge of the world, but also helps us promote the causes of science and technology.

Problem Solving 101: How Economic Thinking Can Create a Better World
Colorado School of Mines | Golden, CO | July 13 - 16
Economic thinking is a powerful tool that can help you solve problems both in personal interactions and in society as a whole. This seminar helps you create a foundation of economic thinking that you will use to analyze problems, evaluate solutions, and make better decisions. We won’t tell you the answer to all of the world’s problems, but we will give you the tools to find the answers yourself.

The Economics of Business Success: How to be a Better Manager and Citizen
Colorado School of Mines | Golden, CO | July 17 - 20
Can economic thinking make you a better manager? A better person? Economics is about more than making and selling products efficiently. Having a foundation in economic thinking allows you to understand individual behaviors and motivations giving you the ability to adapt to meet the needs of your customers, partners, and employees. Being great managers also comes from being great people. Being character-driven leaders means you create value for yourself by creating value for others.

Life is Improv: How Art, Culture, and the Free Market make the World Beautiful
Agnes Scott College | Decatur, GA | July 22-25
What can economic thinking tell you about art and culture? What can art and culture tell you about economic thinking? Art, culture, and the free market are interconnected in powerful and beautiful ways. Viewing art through an economic lens can show the beauty and order that emerge from seeming chaos. Viewing economics through an artistic lens can show how art has shaped culture, fought tyranny, and held society together.

Good Intentions or Good Results? How Trade, Property, and Entrepreneurship will Help the Developing World
Calvin College | Grand Rapids, MI | July 31 - August 3

What causes wealth and what can be done to help those without it? Billions of dollars are spent on aid programs, while millions continue to starve. These programs help people feel better about the suffering in the world, but what actually helps alleviate that suffering? What is the cause of wealth in the world? This introduction to economic thinking will help you answer these questions. This introductory seminar will not give you all of the answers to these complex problems; it will give you the tools to find the answers yourself.




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