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"Don't Buy an Apple Watch"
Value is, always and everywhere, a personal and subjective matter

Anti-Apple elitism is a particularly annoying and dangerous bit of anti-market bias.

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Anthem and the Meaning of the Light Bulb Ban
Humanity hangs the light bulb

If there is something that we like, that makes our lives lovely -- something as simple as a light bulb -- you can bet it is being targeted for destruction.

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Reasons to Be (Rationally) Optimistic about the Future
Matt Ridley argues that most things for most people are getting a lot better

Human achievement has reached unprecedented heights, and we ain't seen nothing yet.

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Dentist Attacked for Charging Too Little
In Arkansas, it's illegal for orthodontists to clean teeth

Crony licensing boards are driving up the cost of dental care by banning licensed specialists from doing dental work.

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Krugman: Social Security Is "Where Government Excels"
Progressives want to make a bloated and bankrupt system even worse

If Social Security is a government success, what does failure look like?

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The World Is Bigger than You Think
Resources are an economic, not physical, phenomenon

"Natural" resources are not fixed because resources are not found in nature – they are created by the human mind.

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Why Do Unions Care about Your Paid Sick Time?
Hint: it's about their interests, not yours

Mandatory sick leave raises the cost of non-union labor, making unions seem better by comparison.

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Microcultures of Consumerism: The Blenders
The invisible hand and the Vitamix

The flourishing blender market is a microcosm of the diversity and complexity of the extended social order.

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What LeBron Can Teach You about Economics
Econ is everywhere — why can't it be popular?

In Popular Economics, readers learn the economic way of thinking through sports, culture, and Downton Abbey.

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Oil Boom and Government Glut
The government buys 5 million barrels of oil for its stockpile
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