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The Age of Exit Has Arrived
Competition will drive the future of governance

The age of massive empires, militant nationalism, and universalist ideologies is over.

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By the Power Vested in Us
Confessions of a freedom bride

Marriage falls within our right of association, and the state should not be able to hold it hostage.

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Freedom's Presidents
Thinkers and scholars weigh in on Presidents’ Day

For Presidents' Day, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, Ivan Eland, Lawrence W. Reed, Burton Folsom, Amity Shlaes, and Paul Kengor share their thoughts on the better presidents.

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The Pretense of the State of the Union
There are no masters at the top who know what’s best for everyone

Are we really being asked to believe that the American people as a whole have a spirit, and that the president is somehow magically ordained to know its height?

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9 Reasons Libertarians Should Love Switzerland
The Swiss are rich, happy, gun-owning, peace-loving people

Switzerland just might be one of the most libertarian countries in the world.

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Politics Is Violence
Force is a means specific to the state

Beneath all the pomp and circumstance of politics lies the moral paradox of violent aggression.

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Take Back the Word “Liberal”
A resolution for 2015

We must not keep conceding the use of this glorious word to the enemies of liberty. It does not belong to them. It belongs to us.

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6 Reasons We Don't Know How Good We Have It
2014 was the best "worst year" ever

Why is our society paralyzed by pessimism? Here are six possible explanations.

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Mojitos in Havana?
Free movement of people and products will help liberate Cuba

Many Cuban Americans still carry grudges from the Castro regime. But 55 years on, warming relations can only be a boon for both Americans and our nearest island neighbors.

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The Police Need Competition
It is time we applied the fundamental lesson of competition to our supposed protectors

Competition forces organizations to improve their services, and the police could really use improvement.

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