Free Books Program

The Free Books Program is currently on hold. The free digital PDFs of these books are still available at the links below.

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt 

This primer on economic principles brilliantly analyzes the seen and unseen consequences of political and economic actions. In the words of F.A. Hayek, there is no other modern book from which the intelligent layman can learn so much about the basic truths of economics in so short a time. (Download free PDF here.)

Economic Sophisms by Frederic Bastiat

Bastiat was a French liberal of the 19th century and perhaps the best popularizer of free market economics ever. This collection centers around his criticisms of protectionism and defenses of free trade. He takes on all the fallacies of his day, most of which are fallacies of our own day as well. Of particular note is the inclusion of his famous “Petition” from the candle makers and other demanding that sunshine be blocked from entering houses so as to stimulate the economy by forcing people to buy artificial light. That essay is the economics equivalent of Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal.” The case for free trade has perhaps never been better made than here. (Download free PDF here.)

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Frederic Bastiat's timeless defense of classical liberalism. With his characteristically clear writing, Bastiat points out the flawed reasoning in his colleagues' arguments for Socialism, while laying out the formula for the proper role of the state in a free society. (Download free PDF here.)

The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver

Weaver’s book offers human liberty as the “mainspring of human progress.” The book begins with a series of puzzles about why we are so much better off than our ancestors and then explores why systems lacking liberty haven’t worked. The bulk of the book is an historical look at how the “revolutionary” idea of liberty struggled to dominate and eventually did. Weaver finishes with a discussion of the “fruits of freedom” as seen from the late 1940s. (Download free PDF here.)

Marxism Unmasked by Ludwig von Mises

Download free PDF here.

The lectures by Ludwig von Mises contained in Marxism Unmasked were delivered at the San Francisco Public Library, June 23–July 3, 1952, under the sponsorship of The Freeman magazine. 

Leviathan at War - Freeman Essay Collection

Download free PDF here.

This anthology contains many classic and provocative writings, including Daniel Webster’s “Conscription,” Mark Twain’s “War Prayer,” Leonard Read’s “Conscience on the Battlefield,” Ayn Rand’s “The Roots of War,” Edmund Opitz’s “Concerning War and Peace,” and Ludwig von Mises’s “The Economics of War.” 


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