Are We Good Enough for Liberty?

As part of the Blinking Lights Project, FEE president Lawrence Reed's book Are We Good Enough for Liberty? is now available to order. 
Reed's book establishes the indispensable connection between liberty and character and explains why, throughout history, "no people who lost their character kept their liberty." It is a book of stories and lessons from the past and from across the world. It instructs as well, noting that "If you do not govern yourself, you will be governed." These are lessons which FEE places in all of its educational programs: in The Freeman, the summer seminars, our online resources, and now distilled down to one book for you to take.
FEE hopes you will read it and share it with your friends, neighbors, family members, and fellow students. We want to give this book as wide a distribution as possible and you can help us with that task. 
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