FEE at the 2014 International Students For Liberty Conference

Start Friday, February 14, 2014 2:00 PM

End Sunday, February 16, 2014 2:00 PM

Come meet FEE at the International Students For Liberty Conference, February 14-16, 2014, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C.!

As the largest pro-liberty student gathering in existence, the International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC) brings together over 1,000 student leaders each year for a weekend celebration of the cause of freedom. Last year’s ISFLC had over 1,400 attendees from all seven continents, and this year’s conference is expected to be bigger and better than ever with more than 1,600 students.

Attendees will participate in a live taping of the STOSSEL Show and will hear from speakers such as Ghanaian economist George Ayittey, drug policy reform expert Ethan Nadelmann, and Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone. Other highlights include a liberty fair, a concert, and an art exhibit! Registration opens on Friday at 2 pm. For more information and to register, click here.

At the conference, FEE will be sponsoring a special main room presentation by our President Lawrence Reed, where he will discuss the difference a hero can make, as well as breakout sessions featuring professor Chris Coyne, professor Dan D’Amico, and Cato Institute research fellow Trevor Burrus. They will be discussing the relevance of the Austrian school of economics today, the delicate art of civil association in the zombie apocalypse, and how the process of government results in heads I win, tails you lose situations. FEE will also be tabling at the liberty fair and distributing copies of Are We Good Enough for Liberty, I, Pencil, and other great materials, while also hosting an evening social with the Institute for Humane Studies and Charles Koch Foundation (location TBD).

The Foundation for Economic Education is an educational nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, GA dedicated to inspiring, educating and connecting future leaders with the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society. Some of our best programs are our free High School and College Summer Seminars and our monthly magazine, The Freeman. Further information can be found at our website

Students For Liberty is a D.C.-based nonprofit organization that empowers student leaders all over the world to assist their generation in expanding freedom both on and off college campuses through a decentralized approach. Since its founding at the first ISFLC in 2008 with 100 attendees, SFL has grown each year to keep up with rapidly growing demand to provide support for the student movement for liberty. Learn more at


Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

Event Contact

Contact Todd Hollenbeck of FEE or SFL’s Communications and Marketing Director Fred Roeder for further information and press inquiries.


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