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W. M. Curtiss

W. M. Curtiss

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The Tariff Idea
Are You Getting Your Money's Worth? The Freeman
Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?
Questioning the faith that human errors could be avoided if only the government were in total control of our lives.
Taxation Theory The Freeman
Taxation Theory
Dr. W. M. Curtiss critically examines various theories of taxation and comments on current practices.
The Population Problem The Freeman
The Population Problem
It is when people are collectivized compulsorily, beyond the natural controls of family living, says Dr. Curtiss, that a "population problem" appears.
For the Birds The Freeman
For the Birds
Moonlighting The Freeman
The more laws there are to limit a man's achievement in a given job, the more he'll turn to "moonlighting" and secondary sources of income.
Serving Consumers The Freeman
Serving Consumers
When it comes to American foreign policy, we could do worse, suggests Dr. Curtiss, than simply serving consumers.
Jobs Require Capital The Freeman
Jobs Require Capital
A taxi driver needs capital, too, though the price of a medallion is hardly a full-fledged free-market determination.
Wages and Productivity The Freeman
Wages and Productivity
Keeping the Peace The Freeman
Keeping the Peace
Insuring Irresponsibility The Freeman
Insuring Irresponsibility
Freedom Rests On Private Property The Freeman
Freedom Rests On Private Property
Free-Market Farming The Freeman
Free-Market Farming
The Topsy-Turvy Tariff Tangle The Freeman
The Topsy-Turvy Tariff Tangle

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