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W. A. Paton

W. A. Paton

W. A. Paton's Articles and Posts

Some Reflections on Education The Freeman
Some Reflections on Education
And in the same let's-be-practical vein, America's master accountant and economist, W. A. Paton, calls for a careful balancing of the cultural and the vocational.
An Inquiry Concerning Inequality The Freeman
An Inquiry Concerning Inequality
Variations in nature and in the nature of man point to the blessings of diversity.
The E's Have It The Freeman
The E's Have It
A perceptive presentation of the case for efficiency and equity in personal performance.
Back to Basics - Fable of the Berry Pickers The Freeman
Back to Basics - Fable of the Berry Pickers
An expert recurs to basic principles for light on some of today's complex problems.
5 Degrees Above Zero The Freeman
5 Degrees Above Zero
A preview of the prospects should we be governed entirely by the collectors of garbage.
The Protesters The Freeman
The Protesters
When demand is the only consideration, regardless of supply.
Who Is the Marginal Producer? The Freeman
Who Is the Marginal Producer?
The first to withdraw unless conditions improve is not necessarily foretold by the firm's balance sheet.
Can We Sustain Prosperity? The Freeman
Can We Sustain Prosperity?
Have Americans so softened, in their affluence, that they can no longer negotiate the free man's path to progress?
Competition  What and When The Freeman
Competition What and When
Concerning the nature of competition and the fallacies and misunderstandings that gathered around it.
The "Social Security" Mirage  Current Production Paramount The Freeman
The "Social Security" Mirage Current Production Paramount
Unless production can be increased through saving and investment, there's little future in it.
The Gullible Society The Freeman
The Gullible Society
A careful review of the economic folly rampant today and some of the contributing factors, with a view toward correction.
Egalit? Sheer Illusion! The Freeman
Egalit? Sheer Illusion!
Compulsory sharing is not the way to widespread economic prosperity.
Significance of Services  Hiring and Firing The Freeman
Significance of Services Hiring and Firing
Concerning the economic importance of personal services and the pricing of them.
Ancient Fable Retold The Freeman
Ancient Fable Retold
Concerning the basics of an introductory course in economics.

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