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V. Orval Watts

V. Orval Watts

V. Orval Watts's Articles and Posts

Capitalism: Definition--Origins--Dynamics The Freeman
Capitalism: Definition--Origins--Dynamics
Prosperity has its perils, not least of which is forgetting how it was achieved.
The Law The Freeman
The Law
The private practice of freedom can do more than the expansion of governmental powers to improve The Law.
Business and Its Image The Freeman
Business and Its Image
The more government intervenes, the more it strives to blame business enterprise for the consequences.
Closing the Generation Gap The Freeman
Closing the Generation Gap
Each individual must learn good conduct. It is not inborn or given to us by others.
Industrialism: Friend or Foe? The Freeman
Industrialism: Friend or Foe?
It is not "the power of the market" that dehumanizes the individual, but his subjection to unlimited political power.
The Northwood Idea The Freeman
The Northwood Idea
Concerning the importance of the Judeo-Christian ethic, an emphasis on work and thrift, and an appreciation of the need for business.
Are Schools Necessary? The Freeman
Are Schools Necessary?
It's easier to get a college degree than an education.
Money and Free Markets: A Summary The Freeman
Money and Free Markets: A Summary
Dr. Orval Watts draws a distinction between money and credit that may lead away from some of the confusion surrounding these instruments.
As A Man Thinks .. The Freeman
As A Man Thinks ..

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