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Thomas Bogle

Thomas Bogle
Thomas Bogle

Thomas Bogle is a public school teacher in Tempe, Arizona, specializing in business and entrepreneurship education. He is also the director of the Free Market Educators Association, a start-up dedicated to offering professional development services for freelancing educators. He and his wife homeschool their five (soon to be six) children and participate in several educational co-operatives.

Thomas Bogle's Articles and Posts

Students for Sale The Freeman
Students for Sale

A public school teacher says there has to be a better way, one in which students are not mere cogs in a machine or widgets to be delivered at the end of production. 

Make It Rain The Freeman
Make It Rain

The mobile game “Make It Rain” might have been meant as a commentary on money, but it’s a good illustration of Public Choice arguments.

“Frozen”: A Conflict of Negative and Positive Rights? The Freeman
“Frozen”: A Conflict of Negative and Positive Rights?

Disney's Frozen depicts both a straw-man version of libertarianism and its voluntary, cooperative antidote. 

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