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Steve H. Hanke

Steve H. Hanke

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Why the Feds (Still) Own so Much of the Country Anything Peaceful
Why the Feds (Still) Own So Much of the Country

Federal land — an area six times larger than France — is worth trillions of dollars, but actually costs taxpayers billions each year.

Paul Krugman Is Wrong about What Paul Krugman Thought Anything Peaceful
Paul Krugman Is Wrong about What Paul Krugman Thought

It's a good idea to fact-check Professor Krugman, especially when he's talking about himself.

What Greek "Austerity"? Anything Peaceful
What Greek "Austerity"?

Athens's welfare state is broke, but it's still bloated beyond belief. 

Venezuela Hits 510% Inflation Anything Peaceful
Venezuela Hits 510% Inflation
Venezuela’s bolivar is collapsing in the wake of pay hikes for state workers, price controls, and nationalizations.
The State Wades In The Freeman
The State Wades In

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