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Mike Reid

Mike Reid
Mike Reid
Mike Reid is a publishing consultant at InvisibleOrder.com and the publications impresario at Liberty.me. He also teaches anthropology at the University of Winnipeg. Mike lives in Manitoba with his wife and two children.

Mike Reid's Articles and Posts

Dumbing Down the World The Freeman
Dumbing Down the World

The United Nations wants to get the world’s children into government-approved classrooms, apparently regardless of what happens there.

We Can't Bomb Our Way to Sanity The Freeman
We Can't Bomb Our Way to Sanity
Martin Couture-Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau were not good Muslims on the accepted path of proper conduct in their faith communities. They were unstable men living with intense mental and emotional turmoil.
Culture in a Cage The Freeman
Culture in a Cage
Cultures evolve in a process of entrepreneurial discovery. State interference often has tragic results. 
Sustainability vs. Local Knowledge The Freeman
Sustainability vs. Local Knowledge

Before heading overseas to teach people in poor countries how to farm, rich-world people infatuated with sustainability should take a moment to consider who is more likely to know best how to provide for their own needs and wants. 

A Natural Birth The Freeman
A Natural Birth

Eschewing some of the trappings of modern technology during childbirth is every woman's right, but it's by no means more "natural." Nothing, in fact, is more natural than human beings altering their world to make it easier—and more pleasant—to survive in. 

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