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Manuel F. Ayau

Manuel F. Ayau

Manuel F. Ayau's Articles and Posts

The Most Elusive Proposition The Freeman
The Most Elusive Proposition
Presumptuous Protectionism The Freeman
Presumptuous Protectionism
If someone gets caught selling somebody elses property, he goes to jail.What may be legally bought and sold in the market is limited to legitimate private property acquired by ones own effort or through voluntary exchange with others. Since legal transactions are settled accounts, what is traded belongs to neither the government nor the community. It is private property, and as such the owner can dispose of it at his sole discretion, limited only by other peoples rights. Correct?
Underdeveloping Indiana The Freeman
Underdeveloping Indiana
Economic Calculation Revisited The Freeman
Economic Calculation Revisited
<i>Perestroika</i>: Can It Work? The Freeman
<i>Perestroika</i>: Can It Work?
The Ideology of Underdevelopment The Freeman
The Ideology of Underdevelopment
If a false ideology is the problem, explore the case for freedom at the highest intellectual level.
WANTED: Manager for New Society - Typical Problems to Be Solved The Freeman
WANTED: Manager for New Society - Typical Problems to Be Solved
A businessman from Guatemala offers some sobering reflections on the problems of any New Society.

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