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Leonard E. Read

Leonard E. Read
Leonard E. Read

Leonard E. Read (1898-1983) was the founder of FEE, and the author of 29 works, including the classic parable “I, Pencil: My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Read.” Born in Michigan, his early life was marked by hard work and diligent study. After serving in the armed forces during World War I, he began a wholesale grocery business, and later became manager of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

As the New Deal began, Read became a vocal critic of policies limiting freedom and expanding government. This drive prompted him to found FEE in 1946. It was the first pro-freedom think tank in the United States. FEE immediately served as a sanctuary for dissident intellectuals such as Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friedman. It came to serve as an important intellectual infrastructure for the promotion of the freedom philosophy through lectures, seminars, books, and The Freeman magazine.

Leonard E. Read's Articles and Posts

I, Pencil (Audio, PDF and HTML) Books
I, Pencil (Audio, PDF and HTML)

No one knows how to make a pencil: Leonard Read's classic (Audio, HTML, and PDF) 

Anything That's Peaceful Books
Anything That's Peaceful
Let anyone do anything, so long as his actions are peaceful; limit government to keeping the peace.
Vision Books
Endowed by Their Creator Books
Endowed by Their Creator
Outlook for Freedom Books
Outlook for Freedom
Instead of Violence Books
Instead of Violence
Where Lies This Fault? Books
Where Lies This Fault?
Meditations on Freedom Books
Meditations on Freedom
Thoughts Rule the World Books
Thoughts Rule the World
I'd Push the Button Books
I'd Push the Button
The Love of Liberty Books
The Love of Liberty
Then Truth Will Out Books
Then Truth Will Out
Romance of Reality Books
Romance of Reality
Let Freedom Ring Books
Let Freedom Ring
How We Do Know Books
How We Do Know
Elements of Libertarian Leadership Books
Elements of Libertarian Leadership
Deeper Than You Think Books
Deeper Than You Think
Castles in the Air Books
Castles in the Air
Awake for Freedom's Sake Books
Awake for Freedom's Sake
Why Not Try Freedom Books
Why Not Try Freedom
Government—An Ideal Concept Books
Government—An Ideal Concept
#25 – “If Government Doesn’t Relieve Distress, Who Will?” The Freeman
#25 – “If Government Doesn’t Relieve Distress, Who Will?”

Without government assistance, a massive amount of private, voluntary aid has poured forth from American citizens since the first settlement here.

#12 – “I Prefer Security to Freedom” The Freeman
#12 – “I Prefer Security to Freedom”

True security is an outgrowth of freedom, not an alternative to it.

#7 – The Free Market Ignores the Poor The Freeman
#7 – The Free Market Ignores the Poor

Through openness, voluntary exchange, and fair play, the poor fare better under a free market system than under a closed socialist system.

#4 – The More Complex the Society, the More Government Control We Need The Freeman
#4 – The More Complex the Society, the More Government Control We Need
Complexity does not automatically suggest centralization of power.

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