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George Hagedorn

George Hagedorn
George Hagedorn

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Director of the Center for Statistical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, and Theoretical Chemistry, Virginia Tech. 

George Hagedorn's Articles and Posts

Deregulation - What Prospects? The Freeman
Deregulation - What Prospects?
Let's admit that government is not a universal problem solver.
Buying Up Surpluses The Freeman
Buying Up Surpluses
Pricing goods or services out of the market always raises the problem of what to do about the "surplus."
Transportation: Regulation vs. Competition The Freeman
Transportation: Regulation vs. Competition
Government regulation of transportation has resulted in injury, rather than benefit, to the industries regulated and to the public.
Uneven Inflation The Freeman
Uneven Inflation
The uneven response of various prices and incomes introduces distortions and inequities into the economy.
Uses of Ignorance The Freeman
Uses of Ignorance
Why persist in projecting our ignorance to what is unknowable in principle?
National Goals The Freeman
National Goals
Goals that depend upon coercive measures may destroy people.
Capital Gains The Freeman
Capital Gains
It's not real income being taxed, but the principal of the thing.
Failure of Politics The Freeman
Failure of Politics
Taxing producers invariably aggravates the problems of the poor.

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