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Edward Y. Breese

Edward Y. Breese

Edward Y. Breese's Articles and Posts

Hobson's Choice The Freeman
Hobson's Choice
Not the head politician but the individual citizen determines the nature of the economy and body politic.
A Vote for Myself The Freeman
A Vote for Myself
A vote everyone should be able to cast in confidence.
Equality? The Freeman
Equal opportunities to different persons yield unequal results.
A Great Society The Freeman
A Great Society
For contrast, retrace with Edward Breese, the origin and development of an earlier and strictly homemade great society off the shores of Massachusetts.
I Can Be Free The Freeman
I Can Be Free
Despite socialistic trends, suggests Ed Breese, there are ways an individual can be free, if he tries.
Set My People Free The Freeman
Set My People Free
Ones practice of freedom may be hindered by others, but there isnt any way to be free without doing it yourself
The Human Desire for Freedom The Freeman
The Human Desire for Freedom
The human desire for the freedom of recognition is a major reason why the totalitarian state is unlikely to prevail.

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