Sheldon Richman

Sheldon Richman

Sheldon Richman is the former editor of The Freeman and, and a contributor to The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. He is the author of Separating School and State: How to Liberate America's Families.

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#51 – The Free Market Cannot Provide Public Education

APRIL 03, 2015

The free market would provide even more education than it does now but for the "unfair competition" from government.


A Forgotten Critic of Corporatism

OCTOBER 03, 2012


Financial Regulation and the "Money Power"

Insiders will benefit most.
SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

"Every one of these schemes only opens chances for money-jobbers and financial wreckers."


Financial Regulation and the “Money Power”

Insiders will benefit most
SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

We hear fierce denunciations of what is called the "money power." It is spoken of as mighty, demoniacal, dangerous, and schemes are proposed for mastering it which are futile and ridiculous, if it is what it is said to be. Every one of these schemes only opens chances for money-jobbers and financial wreckers to operate upon brokerages and differences while making legitimate finance hazardous and expensive, thereby adding to the cost of commercial operations.


The Constitution or Liberty

Context is crucial.
SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Alas, in the eyes of at least some framers, Article I, Section 8, did not exhaust the national government's powers.


Austrian Exploitation Theory

Marx had no monopoly.
SEPTEMBER 14, 2012

The Austrian economist who refuted Marx's exploitation theory had one of his own.


The Importance of Subjectivism in Economics

The double inequality of value.
SEPTEMBER 07, 2012

For an exchange to take place, the two parties must assess the items traded differently, with each party preferring what he is to receive to what he is to give up.


Individualism, Collectivism, and Other Murky Labels

Words matter.
AUGUST 31, 2012

It behooves us to make sure our labels communicate clearly. Otherwise we will never bring the mass of people to the cause of liberty.


Laissez Faire and the Tariff

AUGUST 24, 2012


Bastiat Misread

When will the critics read with both eyes open?
AUGUST 24, 2012

When a fan of Bastiat's sees the broken-window fallacy in government "stimulus" spending, she is on the firmest of ground.


Progressives’ Misrepresentation of Free-Market Economics Explained

AUGUST 24, 2012

The economy is in a ditch;
Government has proven itself impotent;


Where Free-Market Economists Go Wrong

The market isn't free.
AUGUST 17, 2012

The freedom philosophy is a radical idea that looks ahead, rather than to some mythical golden era or Panglossian present. Every time we pass up an opportunity to make this point, we alienate potential allies.


FEE's Take: Government Farm Relief

AUGUST 14, 2012


Market, State, and Autonomy

Who is the true liberal?
AUGUST 10, 2012

If the alternative we face is between grappling with market forces and trusting a ruling elite, anyone concerned with autonomy and equality should choose the market.


Regulation Red Herring

There's no such thing as an unfettered market.
AUGUST 03, 2012

Order grows from market forces. But where do impersonal market forces come from? These are the result of human action.


The Rule of Lore

AUGUST 02, 2012


Obama's Controversial Remark

Take what you want, and pay for it.
JULY 27, 2012

If Obama is really concerned that successful people pay too little for the benefits they enjoy, radically freeing the market is just the ticket.


Made Everywhere

Fear not China or any other foreign producer.
JULY 20, 2012

There are no exports and imports. There is only what I make and what everyone else makes.

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