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Ben Moreell

Ben Moreell
Ben Moreell

Admiral Ben Moreell (1892 – 1978) was the chief of the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Yards and Docks and of the Civil Engineer Corps. Best known to the American public as the Father of the Navy's Seabees, Moreell's life spanned eight decades, two world wars, a great depression and the evolution of the United States as a superpower. He was a distinguished Naval Officer, a brilliant engineer, an industrial giant and articulate national spokesman.

Ben Moreell's Articles and Posts

Survival of the Species The Freeman
Survival of the Species
The key to the survival of civilization is human liberty.
In Search of Freedom The Freeman
In Search of Freedom
A businessman's early warning to other businessmen of the effects of interventions and controls.
Fifty Years of Engineering The Freeman
Fifty Years of Engineering
Emphasizing the special responsibility of the engineer for maintaining a climate of freedom.
To Be Different - and Free The Freeman
To Be Different - and Free
Another facet of freedom, explains Admiral Moreell, involves the variety that spices our lives.
Business, Social Progress, and Religion The Freeman
Business, Social Progress, and Religion
Admiral Moreell also pursues that theme as he traces the relationships between business affairs, social progress, and the religious life of the American people.
The Safety of the People The Freeman
The Safety of the People
Admiral Ben Moreell reminds us of Cicero's observation that the safety of the people depends upon their knowing and observing the Higher Law.
Adult Delinquency The Freeman
Adult Delinquency
The Engineers Obligation The Freeman
The Engineers Obligation
Practical Philosophy The Freeman
Practical Philosophy
What Price Socialism? The Freeman
What Price Socialism?
A Free Market The Freeman
A Free Market
A Duty of Management The Freeman
A Duty of Management
Of Bread And Circuses The Freeman
Of Bread And Circuses
Religion In American Life The Freeman
Religion In American Life

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