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Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson
Barbara F. Johnson is a grateful, retired Cold War Warrior. An electrical engineer by degree, she had the privilege of supporting both the nuclear test program and the environmental programs to clean up the country’s nuclear messes in the Pacific.  She currently lives with her husband and two adopted sons in the outback of Southern Arizona. She home schools and writes for her Cold War Warrior site, which explores how the Cold War’s legacies are playing out in today’s dynamic world.

Barbara Johnson's Articles and Posts

The Borg Generation – A Cold War Legacy The Freeman
The Borg Generation – A Cold War Legacy
It was cold and dark that early December 1982 night when stew, homemade biscuits and honey warmed the insides of five hungry, tired people. I remember it well because it was the night of my awakening; the realization that I no longer lived in my father’s America.

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