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Allen Mendenhall

Allen Mendenhall
Allen Mendenhall
Allen Mendenhall is a staff attorney to Chief Justice Roy S. Moore of the Supreme Court of Alabama, a doctoral candidate in English at Auburn University, an adjunct professor at Faulkner University, and author of Literature and Liberty: Essays in Libertarian Literary Criticism.

Allen Mendenhall's Articles and Posts

Razing the Bar The Freeman
Razing the Bar
The burden of the bar exam falls disproportionately on low-income earners and ethnic minorities who lack the ability to pay for law school or to assume heavy debts to earn a law degree. 
Sanctifying the Individual The Freeman
Sanctifying the Individual
Larry Siedentop’s Inventing the Individual outlines the origins of Western liberalism.
Illiberal Arts The Freeman
Illiberal Arts
Compliant and controlled speech seems to be the main interest of universities today.
Transcendental Liberty The Freeman
Transcendental Liberty

Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance" touts a bracing form of individualism that encourages people to have confidence in their perceptions and to take responsibility for their actions—including presenting their ideas in the marketplace, in the face of opposition.

The Fourteenth Amendment Doesn't Make Us Freer Articles
The Fourteenth Amendment Doesn't Make Us Freer
The “Great” Writ The Freeman
The “Great” Writ
Anthony Gregory's examination of habeas corpus traces its spotty record, explains how it can manage to produce power rather than restrict it, and puts Foucault to a novel use. 

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