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Alberto Mingardi

Alberto Mingardi
Alberto Mingardi

Alberto Mingardi is Director General of Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy’s free-market think tank, which he helped to establish in 2004. He has specialized in the study of antitrust and of healthcare systems. He also studies the history of political thought and is now writing a monograph on English libertarian Thomas Hodgskin after having written mainly on Herbert Spencer and Antonio Rosmini.

He authored or edited several books, including Herbert Spencer (New York & London: Continuum, 2011), Eppur si muove: Come cambia la sanità in Europa, tra pubblico e privato [And yet it moves: how Europe healthcare is changing, in between government and the private sector] (Torino: IBL Libri, editor w/Gabriele Pelissero, 2010) and translated into English, Antonio Rosmini, The Constitution Under Social Justice (Lexington Books, 2003).

His commentaries have appeared in major Italian newspapers, and he frequently appears on Italian radio and tv. Internationally, his opinion pieces have also been published by the The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Financial Times.

He holds a PhD in Political Science from University of Pavia.


Alberto Mingardi's Articles and Posts

Big Government Is Still Young Anything Peaceful
Big Government Is Still Young

Today's expensive, intrusive mega-states are a recent phenomenon, and their rise was not historically inevitable. 

Antonio Rosmini: Philosopher of Property The Freeman
Antonio Rosmini: Philosopher of Property

Over the past several decades The Freeman and FEE have introduced the liberty-loving public to many great thinkers of the past who otherwise would have fallen into oblivion.

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