Who Designed Health Care This Way?

AUGUST 07, 2014

Have you ever come up against something that seems ridiculous in the health care system and wondered what kind of oversight lead to it? Do the problems with our system come from people who don't think things through or people who thought things through incorrectly? 

This isn't your typical webinar! Janet Neilson hosted an interactive discussion with Sloane Frost of Students For Liberty on the role that incentives play in health care systems - and everyday life!


Check out materials below to learn:

  • How the United States has ended up with such a complicated system, and what lessons this holds for health care generally
  • What happens when some people make decisions for others
  • How planning a system can lead to a system that seems to have no plan




"Who Designed Healthcare This Way?" was based on the topic of  incentives.

To learn more about incentives, check out this podcast of "The Power of Incentives" by Dwight R. Lee and  "The Role of Incentive" from a vintage article in The Freeman.


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December 2014

Unfortunately, educating people about phenomena that are counterintuitive, not-so-easy to remember, and suggest our individual lack of human control (for starters) can seem like an uphill battle in the war of ideas. So we sally forth into a kind of wilderness, an economic fairyland. We are myth busters in a world where people crave myths more than reality. Why do they so readily embrace untruth? Primarily because the immediate costs of doing so are so low and the psychic benefits are so high.
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