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MAY 18, 2014

A March 11, 2015, 10-minute interview on the “Bob Harden Show” on the nature of profit, based on #44 in the “Clichés of Progressivism” series.


Mr. Reed returned to the Bob Harden Show in Naples, Florida, to discuss the Progressive Cliché that Jesus Christ was a Progressive because he favored wealth redistribution.


On January 23, 2015, Mr. Reed discussed FEE, how he got started in the liberty movement, the minimum wage and the pros and cons of voting with Ernest Hancock of Arizona’s “Freedom’s Phoenix” show.


FEE President Lawrence Reed talks on the subject of “Government and Inflation” on the Bob Harden show in Naples, FL, December 24, 2014.


FEE President Lawrence Reed discusses the fall of ancient Rome and its parallels to modern-day America on the OH HALE YEAH SHOW brought to you by


FEE President Lawrence Reed recounts stories of the anti-Communist resistance movements throughout Eastern Europe that sustained peoples’ hopes through the dark days of the Cold War and contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall.


FEE President Lawrence Reed visits Amagi Metals for an interview that covers the "Great Myths" of the current recession, FEE's newest projects, summer seminars and Mr. Reed's biography projects that will be released in the new year.


Tom Woods interviews FEE President Lawrence Reed on FEE and its history.


The Bob Harden Show, Naples, Florida on September 24, 2014. Subject: The Balance of Trade Deficit.


FEE president Lawrence Reed discusses the FEE retreat in Bonita Springs, FL in January 2015, followed by a focus on lessons from the life of Cicero.


A 15-minute interview about the concept of rights with FEE president Lawrence Reed on Bob Harden Radio, June 23, 2014.


In a return appearance on the Bob Harden Show on May 29, the subject was Holocaust hero Sir Nicholas Winton and his 105th birthday.


On May 15, radio host Roland Manarin interviewed FEE president Lawrence Reed on the subject of Hong Kong’s economy and its lessons for the U.S. and the world.


On May 14, FEE president Lawrence Reed appeared on the Bob Harden radio show, based in Naples, Florida, to discuss’s ongoing ‘Cliches of Progressivism’ series and specifically, his forthcoming installment for May 23 on the subject of greed.


FEE president Lawrence Reed interviewed on “Everything Financial Radio” on financial topics ranging from the Federal Reserve to the Great Depression to the national debt. It aired nationally on May 4.


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December 2014

Unfortunately, educating people about phenomena that are counterintuitive, not-so-easy to remember, and suggest our individual lack of human control (for starters) can seem like an uphill battle in the war of ideas. So we sally forth into a kind of wilderness, an economic fairyland. We are myth busters in a world where people crave myths more than reality. Why do they so readily embrace untruth? Primarily because the immediate costs of doing so are so low and the psychic benefits are so high.
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