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Profiles In Exceptionalism: Gordon Moore

APRIL 10, 2015 by

The man who helped create modern computing and the modern age

Loans, Tuition, and the Disease of Government

How government intervention is destroying higher ed
APRIL 10, 2015 by ,

Government acts as if a college degree causes, rather than results from, success.

For the Kids — and for Profit

The business of education beats the bureaucracy of schooling
APRIL 09, 2015 by

Small private schools are already educating many of the poorest children in the developing world -- and a big profit-seeking company is about to give them a run for their money.

Will President Rand Be Good for Liberty?

History and politics are impossible to predict
APRIL 08, 2015 by

Everything we know about government suggests that the presidency is not the way to enhance liberty.

Venezuela Runs Out of Toilet Paper, Achieves True Socialism

"New Socialism" looks and feels just like the old kind
APRIL 08, 2015 by

It's been said, "If you tried socialism in the Sahara, you'd get a shortage of sand."

How Piketty Manufactured Rising Inequality in 6 Easy Steps

APRIL 08, 2015 by

How Thomas Piketty built his famous inequality "Franken-chart."

Max Borders's Last Word on Stossel

Further thoughts on disruptive technology and permissionless innovation
APRIL 07, 2015 by

Creative disruption lets millions of people compete to make things better, faster, and cheaper for all of us.

Government, Stop Trying to "Help" Uber

Ridesharing doesn't need more regulation
APRIL 07, 2015 by

Ridesharing started, grew up, and flourished without government's "help."

How Complicated Taxes Pick Your Pocket

Messy tax codes trick voters about what they're paying — and who is benefiting
APRIL 06, 2015 by ,

Taxes are complex because politicians and special interests like it that way.

Profiles in Exceptionalism: Steve Jobs

He “gave back” by creating
APRIL 03, 2015 by

Jobs did more good for the world by making money than he ever could have by giving it away.

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