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September 2007

Volume 57, 2007

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Government Is Better than the Market at Producing Human Capital?
The Market, Not Government, Should Handle Economic Dynamism and Human Capital

The True Price of a Hybrid
Hybrid Vehicles' Average Energy Cost per Mile Is Significantly Higher Than That of Nonhybrids

We Win One (So Far)
Court Rules U.S. Cannot Indefinitely Detain "Enemy Combatants" without Judicial Review

The Great Depression According to Milton Friedman
The Great Depression Could Have Been Avoided if the Fed Had Not So Badly Botched Its Monetary Policy

Book Reviews - September 2007

Menagerie of Happy Men: The Ancient Incas and the Bureaucratic State
The Poison of Bureaucratic Paternalism Was and Is Administered Drop by Drop

The Constitution Within

Our Skyrocketing Living Standards
Capitalism Takes What Was a Luxury for the Rich and Makes it an Everyday Item for the Poor

Involuntary Municipal Annexation: The Ugly Truth
Municipalities in Four States Have Unlimited Power to Annex Contiguous Areas

Lee's Legion of Lessons
A Man Who Devoted His Life to State Violence Ultimately Found Himself on the Receiving End

Cultural Competence and Your Child
New Teaching Standard Threatens to Homogenize Public Education

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