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September 2000

Volume 50, 2000


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The Miracle of Privatization

Privatization Increases Innovation, Decreases Corruption, and More
September 01 2000 by ,

Property and Liberty

Property Rights Are Essential to Liberty
September 01 2000 by ,

Economists Against the FDA

The Quack Platitudes That Drive Public Policy Are Deadly
September 01 2000 by ,

Trade and Freedom in China: A Reality Check

Human Rights Violations Cannot Be Dismissed on Any Grounds
September 01 2000 by ,

The Colonial Origins of American Liberty

The Union—Next to Our Liberties, Most Dear!
September 01 2000 by ,

A Light Goes Out in New Zealand

The Employment Relations Act Turns Back the Clock
September 01 2000 by ,

Austrian Inflation, Austrian Money, and Federal Reserve Policy

Why Salerno's Critiques Are Invalid
September 01 2000 by ,

Inflation and Money: A Reply to Timberlake

How Should We Define "Money" and "Inflation"?
September 01 2000 by ,

Final Comment on Salerno’s Monetary Program

Contractions and Depressions Are Avoidable
September 01 2000 by ,


August 01 1965 by ,

End the Farm Dole Once and for All

We Need a Genuine Free Market in Agriculture
September 01 2000 by ,

A new program to require the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pay the cost of inspecting meat from emus and ostriches. A plan to spend $200 million to buy surplus cranberries, black-eyed peas, and other crops. A $100 million proposal for payments to producers of cottonseed. At this writing (June), these were among a bundle of agricultural subsidy schemes either passed by or under serious consideration in both houses of the U.S. Congress.

Bipartisan Drug Entitlement

Election-Minded Politicians See Rewards in Demonizing Drug Companies
September 01 2000 by ,

Progress in Pain Relief

Drug Control Policies Deprive Suffering Patients
September 01 2000 by ,

Take This Job and Shove It, at the Margin

Attracting Workers to the Right Jobs Requires Pay Differentials
September 01 2000 by ,

Many believe that pay is overemphasized and much too unequal in market economies. Supposedly, most people enjoy working, and so while they have to be paid to survive comfortably, they don't have to be bribed with bonuses tied to performance to do a good job. Indeed, psychological experiments indicate that the intrinsic interest people have in doing a task declines when they are paid for doing it.

Economics on Trial

Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory Have Merit?
March 01 1995 by ,

Last month, I wrote about the long-standing debate between the Monetarists and the Austrians, which surfaces at practically every Mont Pelerin Society meeting. Both schools are ardent defenders of the free market, yet they fight incessantly over methodology and economic modeling.

Will Campaign Finance Reform Enhance the Power of the People?

A Competitive Political Marketplace Is a Voter's Best Friend
September 01 2000 by ,

Who's to Blame?

January 01 1961 by ,

Female-Parent Wage Gap Requires Action?

Child-Rearing Has Opportunity Costs
September 01 2000 by ,

The Global Education Industry: Lessons from Private Education in Developing Countries

Private Enterprise Provides Superior Education Alternatives Worldwide
September 01 2000 by , ,

Reflections on a Ravaged Century

Governments Have Always Been the Leading Cause of Violent Death
September 01 2000 by , ,

The Economic Consequences of Rolling Back the Welfare State

Government Largess Creates Moral Hazards
September 01 2000 by , ,

Property and Freedom

Zoning Laws Are Built on Sand
August 01 1998 by , , ,

Plagues of the Mind: The New Epidemic of False Knowledge

Why Can't People Think Clearly Despite Increasing Levels of Formal Education?
September 01 2000 by , ,

American Compact: James Madison and the Problem of Founding

A Lucid and Thoughtful Analysis
September 01 2000 by , ,

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